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Great Wine and Altered States

Great wine defies easy description; it makes the wine lover contemplate it…forces her, even, to be open to change, to the taking in of new flavor and aroma combinations, new structural possibilities. And in the most extraordinary cases, it creates … Continue reading

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While elegance, poise, pace, and length are all words that define a beautiful wine for me, the most important aspect of beauty¬†(and, by extension – great) wine is¬†Balance. A wine can have all the power and color and tannin in … Continue reading

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Lineage and the World’s Great Bordeaux Blends

This implicit sense of urgency informs our desire to focus on making wine that creates an emotional connection with the drinker, that shows in the style and elegance of the wine, the winemaking philosophy of the wine maker. As with … Continue reading

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