Great Wine and Altered States

Great wine defies easy description; it makes the wine lover contemplate it…forces her, even, to be open to change, to the taking in of new flavor and aroma combinations, new structural possibilities. And in the most extraordinary cases, it creates a new reality for that person.

For that wine lover…for anyone who prizes Beauty in its many forms…the experiencing of tardisit creates a (sometimes, subconscious) need to take it in again. This moving forward to find the next new experience also creates a memory-related feedback loop to the previous times that her life was subtly altered so.  Time hiccoughs as our wine lover is at the very same moment drinking a ravishing Burgundy in the present, remembering that amazing Bordeaux blend from last year and yearning for that transcendent Barolo tomorrow. Talk about a virtuous cycle!

Great wine causes these altered states. And because I believe it is in these states that more Beauty can be created, I want to devote myself to making the kinds of wine that take the wine lover everywhere and everytime.



About Steven Kent Mirassou

6th generation winemaker in the Livermore Valley, writer, lover of beauty and joy.
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